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Top Creative Trends Predictions 2022


With our extensive experience within the design world, here are the top creative trends we believe will only increase in popularity throughout 2022…

“2022 is the year of contrast, where the future stands side by side with the past,” – Depositphotos

Lets dive straight in

_ Monochromatic Design

Despite our vast amount of access to play around with literally all the colours and shades that exist nowadays, Monochrome is making a huge comeback and is being increasingly used in the digital world, from Instagram grids to web design, photography, and video. 

What is Monochromatic Design?

Way back when, before the days colour graced the screens of our televisions, computers, and mobile phones, Monochrome was the way to go. 

While the monochromatic design used to be known as simply black and white, the modern monochromatic design technique refers to the use of varying tones of a single colour.

Need some inspiration?

cookie berlin
wo hing

Take a look at these Aqua Monaco bottles, which use two different monochrome colours to differentiate between the products.

aqua monaco

_ Minimalism - Flat Logo

You might find yourself asking what are the current logo trends?

Enter Minimalism – Flat logo

Influenced by the Bauhaus culture of rejecting rich, and elaborate designs of the past for a more down-to-earth approach. Minimalist design can now be found in all types of art including filmmaking, fashion, painting, and brand logos.

What is a Flat Logo?

Flat logos are one of the best examples of minimalist design. It removes all additions such as gradient, texture, and dimension to create a 2D visual that has no realistic traits. This simplicity is what makes the design bolder and more eye-catching.

Why Are Flat Logos Popular in 2022?

  • They retain their impact even on smaller mobile screens
  • You can easily use different colour combinations for seasonal events
  • They’re easier for customers to recognize and remember

Examples of Minimalist Brand Logos

Apple – Apple is famously known for their extreme minimalist aesthetic. The popular apple logo design started off as an elaborate sketch but was simplified over time to the basic symbol we know now.

apple logo
arbnb logo

Airbnb – Minimalist does not always have to mean boring and Airbnb is a prime example of that. The use of the “A” in their logo has been expertly designed to represent the inclusivity and community that reflects the brands’ personality. 

Need some inspiration?

Minimalist Triangle Logo Designs

triangle design

Minimalist Square Logo Designs

square logo

_ Hand Drawn Lines

Authenticity in design is a megatrend in 2022 therefore it comes as no surprise the increasing number of brands choosing to base their identities around handwritten, unpolished lettering and illustrations. These logos and brand messages can look like they’ve been created in less than five minutes.

But having a childlike quality can actually come in handy to your brand as it gives off a more approachable and friendly essence as if it were made through genuine passion by human hands and not by a team of professional graphic designers.

Need some inspiration?

hand drawn
hand drawn3
hand drawn4


Minimalism is a trend that has been consistently growing through the years and 2022 is no exception. We’re seeing variations of this trend, particularly with the increasing popularity of monograms in brand identity.

What is a Monogram?

Also known as “lettermarks, monogram is a motif made up of two or more letters to form one symbol. Because of their strong emphasis on letters, monograms can differ in the message they give off based on the type of font you use to create one.

Largely favoured by fashion brands for its luxurious feel, monograms are a great choice to set you apart from competitors and create a logo that is unique only to your brand.

Simple yet sentimental, these logos convey a brand’s entire narrative with just a few strokes of the digital pen. They emphasize the name of the company they represent, forming a strong connection with the brand without mincing words.   

Examples of Monogram Brand Design:

Louis Vuitton – The monogram logo of high-end fashion brand Louis Vuitton is made memorable by the tiny design details such as the use of the serif font and the italicised “L”. It is small details like this that make minimalist monogram designs so powerful.

Need some inspiration?

For our collaboration with Bali Heights Group, a group of upscale seaside apartments, we created a monogram for their secondary logo to diversify how branding is spread and give off a premium feel that creates real brand territory and strengthens their brand identity.


_ Gradient

Another trend making its way back from the past is Gradients. 

In the past, Gradients were a great way to add colour and depth to designs, but were quickly overlooked due to the popularity of flat designs. 

This year in 2022, Gradients are coming back in full force as designers are finding a way to combine gradients with flat design as a way to add colour overlay and texture to backgrounds.

“Gradients have come a long way in the technical execution of what’s possible,” says Sean Feehan, Envato UX Designer. “This has led to exciting exploration and developments with irregular and multicolour blends among the creative community.” 

What are Gradients?

Good question…

Gradients came from the geek/retro aesthetic but are now seriously popular in many industries, spreading across social media, branding, digital art, and logo design.

Gradients, also known as colour transitions, refer to the gradual blending of one colour to another colour (this can go on continuously too if you’re in a colourful mood as gradients are not bound to only two colours!)

The gradient trend is extremely versatile and is very eye-catching. One of the most popular uses of Gradients can be seen on social media application Instagram with their new gradient logo design giving them a much more modern and fresh look.

Why Should You Incorporate Gradient Design into Your Brand in 2022?

  • Versatile and gives an idea of fluidity
  • Easy to work with for animation
  • Impactful to building a signature style. 

Need some inspiration?


In between technology and beauty, gradients were a good way to represent Tangerine DNA during our collaboration with them. Building a line of products based on different colors and creating a strong brand image both of which are aesthetic and technicity-science oriented.


_Back to The ’90s

Are you a 90’s baby?

In 2022, retro is making a huge comeback and the pink, larger than life dice, have landed in the ‘90s. 


The ‘90s Aesthetic 

The ‘90s nostalgia trend began in the early 2010’s but has gained serious traction as of recent years. The anti-design,grunge,pop culture and rave all fall under the category of the 90’s nostalgia.

Most famously fuelled by pop culture recalls such as the once again increasing popularity of 90’s sitcom “Friends” thanks to Netflix, millennials are starting to reminisce the ‘good old days’ 

With millennials making up 65% of Instagram’s user base, it’s no surprise the ‘90s nostalgia trend is increasing rapidly and brands are not hesitating on jumping on that bandwagon.

Bringing back things from the past evokes a nostalgic feeling and emotional bond from consumers therefore strengthening their bond with your brand.

Furthermore, going for a more retro aesthetic is a subtle way of reminding users that your brand has experience and that they can trust you.

Examples of 90’s Brand Design in 2022

Burger King is a prime example of applying 90’s design aesthetic as a way to revoke nostalgia in their loyal customers over the years. 

Doing a total brand recall after more than 20 years, Burger King has decided to ditch their current modern logo and go back to a more retro logo extremely similar to the one they had back in 1994.

Need some inspiration?

Our collaboration with Monsieur Blond for their latest collection was a tribute to the 90’s and its iconic hip-hop vibe. Gothic and bold fonts, repetition of patterns, showing-off and having fun, and the Masculine-feminine balance are all part of our tribute to the good old days.

monsieur blonde

_ Bonus Trend : NFT’s & Crypto Art

nft boredape

Tech design trends are all about looking into the future. The crossover between technology and art allows creative new innovations within the digital realm to progress and interchange relatively quickly every year. 

NFT’s are fairly new to the scene but have made quite an impact within the tech design world over the last few years. 

What is an NFT?

NFT – also known as Non-Fungible Tokens are unique digital files published directly onto a blockchain, meaning that only a single person can claim the rights to each one.

“NFTs are probably the best way to monetize digital art at the moment,” 3D artist and Envato author Amrit Pal Design states.

While there has been some backlash on NFT’s – particularly due to copyright concerns and their environmental footprint – this is a sector that is expected to grow tremendously in 2022.

And there you have it, the top creative trends of 2022. 

While we weren’t expecting to see the 90s make a(nother) comeback, we are buzzed at the thought of a year full of mid-century aesthetics jam-packed with vibrant tones, groovy fonts, and good vibes! 

If you’re interested in using one of these 2022 creative trends or you want to have a chat about how to vamp up your brand.

Leave a comment below or get in touch today!

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