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5 Strategies to Improve Your Brand

[How to Improve Your Brand]

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Are you in the process of building a brand? Or perhaps trying to grow your brand?

Content is constantly being created and shared online on a daily basis. This means your brand has serious competition in the digitally-driven era we all now live in. 

It’s hard, and we know it. 

At this point, you’re probably thinking… 

How can I make my brand stand out? How do I get my brand noticed or how can I make my brand different in a highly competitive environment? 

You’re in luck ‘cause we’ve gathered 5 important tips that will help maximize your brands visibility.

Keep on reading to find out how!

Create a Brand for Yourself

As cliche as it may sound, your brand needs to be true to itself.

This is something that is often forgotten by a lot of businesses. You’ll find a lot of brands following current trends or mimicking a brand that has gained overnight or quick success, with only the slightest difference.

That only leads to one thing: Your brand not resonating with your desired audience. (A secret for you – potential customers can see and smell it from a mile away!)

According to a report by Stackla, 86 percent of consumers consider authenticity a key factor when deciding what brand they choose to buy from and what brand they are loyal to.

Therefore your brand should be unique and genuine. Make good use of your brands strengths, emphasize your differences and use these to create your very own brand identity.

Go against the grain. Don’t blend in. Be unforgettable!

Visuals That Make You Pop

It’s very important for your brand to produce high-quality content, it is a must if you want your brand to grow successfully.

Did you know? A huge 90 percent of information transmitted to our brains is visual?

This makes most of your brands audience – visual learners. (A visual learner is someone that absorbs information by reading or seeing pictures / visual images) 

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Visuals that create a lasting impact will help you reach potential clients building brand recognition and brand loyalty. Forbes Magazine stated that 7 seconds is all it takes to make a first impression, this solidifies the importance of having strong branding, a clear message supported by well thought out content.

The colors you use for your brand are also a factor that contributes to how well your visuals are recognised and received .

Brand recognition can be improved by up to 80% with just colors!

In other words, your target customers are 80% more likely to identify your brand, if you consistently use the same colors for your brand.

The point we’re trying to make?

Brand consistency is key.

Communicate Your Brand's Story

Connecting your brand with your target audience on a personal level, creating a stronger connection is the ultimate goal.

Meaningful interactions and sympathizing with your target audience is a must as it allows you to speak directly to them rather than just speaking at it. Humans love to feel special.

Fact – customers who feel emotionally-connected to a brand  have a 306% higher lifetime value.

Simply put, if a customer feels connected to your brand, they will give you brand more attention / recognition.

By sharing your brands story, you get the opportunity to share your core brand values and your brands USP’s.

By showing that you are a “human” and not just a business is something that your brand will reap the benefits of.


Brand storytelling is very much the present and the future of marketing. Studies have shown that 92 percent of consumers want their marketing and advertising to come in the form of a story, with compelling visual content.


Open up your brands story book and start telling your own unique story.

Consistency is Key

Have you ever caught a glimpse of an advert on Facebook whilst scrolling, or seen a google ad online and automatically knew what brand is being advertised?

That’s all down to consistent branding. Whether it’s about your brand colors or tone of voice, staying consistent is key.

71% of consumers say they’re more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand they recognize.

One simple method to ensure your brand is staying consistent is by creating and developing brand guidelines. It’ll effectively help you define your brand colors, fonts, and logos so they eventually all look the same on all of your online and offline platforms.

It is said that your businesses income revenue can be brought up by 23% if you keep your brands image consistent.


Create Clear Brand Guidelines

Creating a clear brand guideline, not only helps you, but helps your support team, employees and anyone else associated with your brand to get your brand image consistent, every time.

With clear, consistent strategic branding, you will build a consistency that in turn will establish loyalty and of course – recognition.

Branding is not only impacting your business model / product etc, your logo or your website.

It is much more than that, it’s what your target audience / loyal customers relate and recognise with. Your brand is what is remembered throughout a long period of time, not just a quick purchase or transaction.

Having brand guidelines with strategy helps you stay relevant in the long run.

By keeping your brand guidelines in the forefront of your mind, you’ll be able to set future goals, keep your brand consistently whilst creating new ways to market and advertise your business. 


Originality, strong content visuals, brand guidelines, consistency and strategy are all factors that can help your brand become recognizable and improve brand recognition.

Drop us a message to see how we can help improve your brand image

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